I Promise

I Promise – Introduction


This past month, for the first month of Bible study, we watched a teaching series by Abi Stumvoll on being redefined by God’s love. I failed to do my best and re-cap the sermons / share what was on my heart throughout, here on the website for those who are not able to join each week in person.

Through her lessons,

-We learned who God is not—He is not a “cruel-joke God” or a “high-stakes God”. There is an awesome spoken word on “God is not cruel” that you should check out, here. Our twisted views of who God is can harm our relationship with Him. He wants good for us, because He is good, and we are not powerful enough to undo that.

-We learned about the Father heart of God—He meets us where we are, and is genuinely interested in knowing and loving us as individuals–weird quirks and all. He has open arms and celebrates us running to Him. (Luke 15; Matthew 4:18-20)

-We learned that our best is enough for God—perfectionism will get you nowhere. God simply wants us to do our best in using our gifts for Him. It is in our best interest to be vulnerable with Him. Do all that you do for Him and give your best at it. He will finish what He began in us. (Matthew 25:14-30; Isaiah 55:8)

If you are interested in viewing her full sermons, they can be found here.


This upcoming series, unlike the last, I have made a promise to myself—and now to you—that I will do as I set out to do in the first place, and bring Wholly Beloved Co. outside of the four walls of my apartment. Whether you are in the next city over, two counties away, reading on your tablet, phone, or laptop, across the country or over-seas, you are just as much a part of this sisterhood!

My promise to you, now guides us appropriately into the topic for this new month: God’s Promises! More specifically, we will hone in on one specific promise that God has made to us; to make us into ministers of Love to a broken and desperate world, and to bring Heaven to Earth.

God is leading us into a new land, first. We have to enter into our promised land, before we can grant access to others who are seeking and wandering where we once were.


The bulk of our study this month will be coming from Exodus, naturally, since this is the book where God begins to bring Israel out of captivity and into the promised land! While we will be pulling a lot of scripture from Exodus to go over together, I encourage you to read the full book individually on your own time. You never know what God is going to reveal to your heart specifically, so when we read on our own, yet in a unified manner, it can be really powerful!


Our weekly Bible study meets tomorrow, Tuesday 2.20, at 7p and we will be watching a sermon by Blynda Lane titled “This Land is Your Land” to kick off our new series!

Notes and Discussion will be posted online tomorrow.


Love you, ladies!

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